Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poking Wires, Broken Brackets and All That Stuff!

Anyone that has had or has braces knows that it is not uncommon to have a poking wire or a broken bracket at some point during treatment. While they can be bothersome and annoying, it is no reason to panic. Poking wires often occur when the wire shifts due to tooth movement or broken brackets. Fortunatley, poking wires can usually be easily fixed by reinserting the wire into the tube on the bracket by using a pair of tweezers to grasp the wire and carefully placing it into the tube. If you are unable to reinsert the wire, you also have the option of clipping the wire with a pair of nail cutters that resemble cuticle cutters. You just need to clip the wire as close as you can to where it connects with the last tooth that it is attached to. By doing this, you can temporarily provide comfort and alleviate the pain that can be caused by poking wires.

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