Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Braces and Food- What Foods to Avoid

The holidays are a time of celebrations with friends and family and lots of good food. Temptations abound at holiday parties where bowls of mixed nuts, candies and chips are on every table. While it may be difficult to resist these temptations and pass on the chips and dip, it’s necessary if you want to avoid broken brackets and the poking wires that often accompany them.  This doesn’t mean however, that you can’t enjoy a very delicious holiday dinner with family and friends, it just means that you have to make careful selections when hitting the buffet table.
The following foods should be avoided if you don’t want to break a bracket:
·         Hard Candy – avoid all hard candy, including candy canes, lifesavers, Tic Tacs, breath mints, etc, because even if you think that you can resist the temptation to bite into it, chances are, you won’t.
·         Chewy Candy – avoid chewy candy of any kind, including Gummy Bears, licorice, caramels, Starburst, Taffy, etc, because they will stick to your teeth and if your bracket doesn’t break when you are eating it, chances are it will break when you are trying to get all the soft gooey stuff from between your teeth and from around the brackets.
·         Hard Gum or Gum with a Candy Shell – examples of the types of gum that should be avoided include Bazooka, Chicklets, Dentyne Ice, Gumballs, etc.
·         Nuts – doesn’t matter what type they are, pass them up now and avoid the broken brackets and extra visits to the orthodontist later to fix them.
·         Hard tacos, pretzels, popcorn or thick chips like Doritos – Just Say NO!!
·         Corn on the Cob - Cut if off and you should be okay.
·         Toasted Bagel, Pizza Crust or Hard Crusty Rolls – Opt for the soft rolls and you should be okay, but everything else needs to be avoided.
·         Chunky Ice Cream – This delicious treat has many hidden gems that can cause broken brackets.
·         Ice Cubes – It’s okay to have them in your drink, but not in your mouth! That includes ice chips too!

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